Are you still driving with square wheels?

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Nut breakout using safe method - fastorq nut splitter

are you driving with square wheels?

Old fashioned methods of nut breakout are time consuming and dangerous; there is a better, faster and safer way. SFI's range of Fastorq ultra-tough nut splitters take on the most difficult nuts fast.

A simple setup means you’re using the nut splitter in less than five minutes right out of the box and nuts are cleanly removed in seconds without damage to the stud. Saving time means saving money; Fastorq’s range includes the only double acting nut splitters in the world. These halve your time in nut splitting.

Operator safety improves as well - no hammers, no chisels, no flames or saws, no risk in hazardous locations and no hot work permits required.

Fastorq’s AutoSPLITTER series offers the largest selection of nut splitter sizes available, in standard straight cut, angle cut and double acting models. Each model offers the largest range of sizes within the one unit compared to any other nut splitter.



Fastorq Nutsplitter Straight Head Fastorq Nut Splitter Angle Head Double Cut

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