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HYFLOW™ AIR Hydraulic pump system Torc LLC

The HYFLOW AIR Hydraulic pump system is a super high-flow, 770 cu. in. heavy duty Power Pack for hydraulic torque tools and for all 10,000 psi equipment.

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Hyflow Pump System.

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Hydraulic pumps for Hydraulic Torque Wrenches


Dynamic AIR


hydraulic pumps Dynamic AIR hyflow

  • Lightweight and compact size
  • 2.3-litre reservoir
  • Incomparable performance
  • Includes standard  15-ft. (5m) hose

  • Max oil flow of 620 in a lightweight.
  • 2.3-litre reservoir
  • Built-in air filter and lubricator
  • Includes standard 15-ft. (5m) hose
  • fastest power packs available
  • 7.75-litre reservoir 
  • Assured parallel joint closure 
  • Includes standard 15-ft. (5m) hose

Hyflow Air

Hyflow Twin

hyflow twin  
  • Super high-flow 770-cu. in. heavy duty Power Pack
  • 7.75-litre reservoir and 4-port manifold
  • Designed for use with TORC hydraulic torque tools and all 10,000 PSI equipment
  • Built-in air filter and lubricator
  • Includes standard 15-ft. (5m) hose
  • High-powered twin-motor, 3-stage pump
  • 2x the speed and oil flow of any other available system
  • Ideal for use with very large hydraulic-powered bolting systems or large multi-tool systems
  • Includes standard 15-ft. (5m) hose


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