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AC100 Pro

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AC100PRO is a fast curing adhesive specially designed for anchoring in a wide range of weather conditions.

  • Two part adhesive cartridge
  • Static mixing nozzle automatically combines components, reducing possibility of mixing errors
  • Each cartridge is formed from engineered plastic
  • Dual piston dispensing tool applies even, consistent pressure to the cartridge to ensure proper dispensing of the adhesive material
  • Compact & lightweight design for ease of use and handling
  • Each cartridgehas a specially sealed top to provide optimum shelf life and prevent leakage during storage.
  • If the adhesive is not completely used, the cartridge can be sealed and saved for future use.
  • One formulation is used for both solid and hollow applications, reducing the chances of job site installation errors.
  • Ideal for horizontal applications as well as vertical ones due to itsfast curing non-sagcharacteristics
  • The adhesive contained within the cartridge is a vinylester which can be used in a wide range of weather applications
  • For the installation of threaded rod in solid concrete and masonry materials.
  • Can be used with Powers screen tubes and threaded rod in hollow masonry base materials.
  • Ideal for use in anchoring to a variety of base materials ranging from soft common brick to hard marble or granite.
  • Suitable for concrete, stone, solid brick, brick with holes, solid block, hollow concrete block, aerated concrete block and grout filled block
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