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Diamond Wire Saws-Subsea DWDWS 1604 Deepwater

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The Subsea DWDWS 1604 Deepwater Diamond Wire Saw (part number 10-10-516-ROV) is designed for subsea cutting of horizontal or vertical pipe, casings and structure at depths up to 3000 meters (9843sfw) within a range of 4 to 16 inch (102 to 406mm) outside diameter. Hydraulically powered, the DWDWS 1604 is controlled remotely from the surface using the Subsea TCP Topside Control Panel and your power unit, or with the HPU-84 Subsea Hydraulic Power Unit with integrated TCP.

DWDWS 1604 may also be controlled by ROV and powered via zero leak hot stabs. Every DWDWS is equipped with a ROV compliant control panel featuring easily readable gauges and large, tapered color-coded knobs operating a clutched mechanism to resist breakage. All DWDWS models come standard with Advanced Syntactic Flotation with Adjustable Buoyancy, Auto Wire Feed / Retract System, Auto Synchronized Clamping and a sealed, pressure adjusted 3 circuit hydraulic system.

DWDWS 1604 ships with (1) continuous loop diamond cutting wire that is quickly and easily changed in the field. Order replacement 1604 wires as Part Number P09-071-710. A highly recommended accessory is the dedicated DWDWS 3604 Shipping / Deployment Basket (Part Number H11-029-000).

The Diamond Wire Saws (DWS) are designed for underwater cutting of horizontal or vertical pipe and structure. Five models are offered to sever from 4 inch - 84 inch O.D. (DN100-DN2100). Running on hydraulic power, the DWS utilizes a diamond wire cutting element infused with industrial diamonds. Their unique hydrodynamic design dramatically reduces centrifugal forces meaning less energy is wasted churning water.

  • Lightweight aluminum plate construction Four models cut from 4‚" to 84‚" O.D. (DN100-2100)
  • Easily replaceable long-life diamond wire cutting assembly
  • Corrosion resistant with anode protection
  • Mounts vertically, horizontally or any position in between
  • Hydraulically operated synchronized arms for square secure clamping
  • Overload clutch for auto feed system protection

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