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Fastlube 444

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Get excellent protection from wear and grinding pressures of slow-moving machinery with 444. Containing a 40-percent blend of lubricating solids, 444 is ideal for use on open gears and in heavy-duty applications where resistance to water is important. It provides long-term rust and corrosion protection and also contains additives to prevent damage from salt and other corrosives. 444 performs well on splines, u-joints, chucks, pillow block bearings, and most high-impact surfaces and heavily loaded mechanisms.

REDLubricating Function AG RS18 444 70+
REDAnti-Galling Excellent* Excellent* Good Good
REDWater Resistance Fair Good Excellent* Good*
REDChemical Resistance Good Good Good Good
REDRust/Corrosion Prevention Fair Fair Excellent* Excellent*
REDHeat Stability Fair Fair Good Good
REDSealing Excellent* Not Applicable Not Applicable Not Applicable

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