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Fastlube AG

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A superior lubricant for eliminating galling on stainless steel threaded connections and achieving metal-to-metal seal, AG lowers torque requirements, reduces friction under pressure and is equally effective on other gallsusceptible materials, ferrous alloys and more common types of carbon steel. AG contains a high percentage of PTFE flakes that prevent leaks on fluid connections at pressures up to 20,000 psi, and eliminates the need for Teflon tape. In a case study, the threads of a stainless steel bolt were distorted when hit with a hammer.Normally, the threads would be ruined and the bolt discarded. However, FastLUBE AG was applied to the damaged threads and a nut was turned down the bolt. Amazingly, the threads were reformed to nearly their original shape and the mating surfaces were once again smooth and even.

REDLubricating Function AG RS18 444 70+
REDAnti-Galling Excellent* Excellent* Good Good
REDWater Resistance Fair Good Excellent* Good*
REDChemical Resistance Good Good Good Good
REDRust/Corrosion Prevention Fair Fair Excellent* Excellent*
REDHeat Stability Fair Fair Good Good
REDSealing Excellent* Not Applicable Not Applicable Not Applicable

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