HX Enclosed Orbital Weldhead
HX Enclosed Orbital Weldhead

HX16P HX 22P Enclosed Orbital Weldhead

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HX (Heat Exchanger) Orbital Weldheads, the most effective solution for the welding of pre-mounted elbows in tight bundles of heat exchangers into a pipe coil. All orbital welding power supplies form Orbitaum automatically detect the heads and its properties so that the operator only has to call uo his or her specified jointing program and start the jointing process before beginning to weld.
Easier to handle, more economical, more effective ‚enclosed TIG orbital welding heads with outstanding characteristics such as its extremely narrow design and high durability by its efficient integrated liquid cooling system. Even under extremely difficult conditions and in tight spaces these weld heads produce excellent and reliable quality.
  • All connections for power, gas and cooling liquid are permanently integrated in the HX
  • All orbital welding sources automatically detect the head and its properties so that the operator only has to call up his/her specified jointing program and start the joining process before beginning to weld
  • Uses tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding in conjunction with mechanised orbital welding
  • Pneumatic clamping system for easy mounting on the pipe elbow
  • Highly durable thanks to liquid-cooled rotor housing
  • Horizontal, vertical and tilted welding positions are possible
  • Very robust and ergonomic design
  • Fast and easy mounting at the tube
  • Self-retaining weld head thanks to the patented fixation mechanism via pistons which saves up to 80% of the preparation time
  • External stop for adjusting the electrode position

HX Enclosed Orbital Weldhead Spec Sheet

Size HX 16P Enclosed Orbital Weldhead

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