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Kruze HSS Core Drill 50mm

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Kruze HSS Core Drill 50mm, the ideal choice for all your magnetic drilling & cutting applications. Designed for use in fabrication, construction, railways, petrochemical and any other applications when drilling ferrous metal. These annular cutters are hole cutting tools used on piping, tubing or material that require a fine finish hole cut.


  • HSS-Co: 5% Cobalt means:
    • Longer lasting
    • Will drill harder materials
  • Multifit shank to fit all Mag Base Drills
  • Universal pin - one pin fits all cutters
  • Resharpenable
  • Thinner wall for:
    • Faster drilling times
    • Less power to drive
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Accurate, symmetrical, fine finish hole cutting capabilities
  • Improved removal of chips thanks to U-shaped recesses
  • Reduced friction between the HSS core drill and the material
  • Time and energy savings
  • Suitable for drilling Mild Steels, Structural Steels, Stainless Steels, Aluminium, Alloys, Copper, Brass.
Size 12mm x 50mm

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