Lorch MicorTIG 200  Basic Plus
Lorch MicorTIG 200  Basic Plus
Lorch MicorTIG 200  Basic Plus
Lorch MicorTIG 200  Basic Plus

Lorch MicorTIG 200 Basic Plus

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Lorch MicorTIG 200 Control Pro

  • The most versatile TIG welder!
  • All-In-One technology
  • Digital user interface
  • available with up to 16m digital torch (optional)
  • 200A DC
  • HF
  • Able to run on battery, with HF
  • very small size 360 x 215 x 130 (LHW)

      See more Lorch MicorTIG 200 features in the features tab below.

      Download Spec Sheet: Lorch MicorTIG 200

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      MicorTIG 200 New Tig Welder




      • Three-way flexibility - Completely independent thanks to All-In technology for mains supply, generator and battery
      • Intuitive control - ControlPro control panel with graphic display, push-and-turn controller and job memory function
      • Remote control at the torch - The Powermaster torch puts all welding parameters right at your fingertips
      • Portable TIG welding inverter - Mobile and compact 200 DC TIG welding ­machine with MicorBoost technology, non-contact high-frequency ignition and ­electrode welding function.
      • Total flexibility- Completely independent thanks to All-in technology for mains supply, generator and battery.
      Welding Range (in Amps) 5-200
      Duty Cycle 100% (in Amps) 140
      Duty Cycle 60%  (in Amps) 160
      Duty Cycle at max. current 40°C (in%) 25%
      Micor200 Specsheet

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