ML 3800 4m

Lorch MIG-MAG torches ML 3800

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Gas-cooled MIG-MAG Torch
  • Gas-cooled
  • Up to 300 A
  • Grip handle recess, size 1
  • Premium-quality ball joint
  • Function-integrated, exchangeable nozzle holder
  • Powermaster optional

    ML 3800 AT A GLANCE

    Grip handle recess, size 1
    Thanks to its ergonomic design and low weight, the torch can be guided with perfect ease and without causing any fatigue during welding. The grip handle recess used in the Powermaster variant is a size 2 handle recess.

    The sturdy construction of the Lorch ML 3800 torch, which includes bolted, impact-resistant handle recesses, a hard-wearing torch push button and an elastic rubber cable support at the ball joint, provides for a long service life of the machine.

    The exchangeable nozzle holder and the screw-on gas nozzle for increased process reliability make changing the wear parts quick and easy. Better yet, since nozzle holder, gas diffuser and gas nozzle carrier have been combined in one part, you will not have to replace as many individual parts.

    Fast torch change
    The Euro central connection fitted on the Lorch ML 3800 makes changing the torch as fast and straightforward as can be.

    The isolated wire spiral housed inside the Lorch ML 3800 ensures a reliable wire feed.

    The hose package included with the Lorch ML 3800 torch is available as a 3m, 4m and 5m option.

    Type of torch
    type of cooling gas-cooling
    Load CO² (in A)
    Load M 21 mixed gas (in A)
    Duty Cycle 60%
    weldable wires (in mm)
    1/2 (PM)


    ml3800 Gas torch spec sheet

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