Lorch V50 | SFI Orbimax
Lorch V50 | SFI Orbimax
Lorch V50 | SFI Orbimax
Lorch V50 | SFI Orbimax
Lorch V50 | SFI Orbimax
Lorch V50 | SFI Orbimax

Lorch V50

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The king of the jungle!

The Lorch V50 series welder is the ultimate TIG welding machine for the highest of high quality applications. The V Series by Lorch is the professional top of the line series of TIG welding machines. Features exceptionally high duty cycle for the most demanding of applications.

The V50 TIG welding system can weld up to 20Khz pulse frequency, pulsing so high that the human ear cannot even hear it. This allows for amazing penetration and the ability to weld very thin walled materials with minimal heat input and distortion.

The V Series machines are the TIG welder of choice for automation applications where quality is absolutely paramount. This series of machines is possibly the highest quality TIG Welder on the market in Australia. This machine is available in both a mobile/compact unit and a workshop series.

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Outstanding TIG welding characteristics thanks to inverter technology
Distinguished by their high efficiency and superb welding characteristics, inverters utilise digital software control technology that has a significant influence on the outcome of the welding process.

In a robust, completely transportable industrial housing
The tough metal housing safely protects the high-end technological innards of your system. Completely transportable at the handles, the machine is also suitable for crane transport.

Remote Control
Welders often experience that the conditions on site do not allow them to place their welding machine right beside them. When faced with this type of situation, they find the use of a remote control helpful as it allows them to intervene and adjust the welding current if necessary. This is why Lorch has included a large variety of different hand and foot remote controls in their V series, which are ready for use right away thanks to their plug&play support.

LorchNET Connection
All machines of Lorch's V series come with a LorchNet connection. This digital data interface provides standardised communication and ensures that all components located in a Lorch automation system understand each other perfectly thanks to Plug&Weld technology.

Aluminium Welding (AC/DC variant)
Positive polarity ignition and automatic cap shape produce a perfectly shaped arc during aluminium welding. The special amplitude of the alternating current combined with an optimised current balance yields an excellent cleaning effect and a manageable weld pool.

Working in the background, cutting-edge processor technology ensures that the gas pre-flow, the shaping of the arc and the control of the welding current work together seamlessly during welding. The result of this smooth interaction are superior duty cycle levels and increased productivity.

welding range (in Amps) 3-500
current setting infinitely variable


welding range (in Amps) 20-400
weldable electrodes (mm) 1,5-6,0


Duty Cycle TIG DC
duty cycle 100% (in Amps) - DC 380
duty cycle 60% (in Amps) - DC 500
duty cycle at max. current (in %) - DC 60%


Duty Cycle TIG AC (Only AC Systems)
duty cycle 100% (in Amps) - AC 380
duty cycle 60% (in Amps) - AC 500
duty cycle at max. current (in %) - AC 60%


mains voltage (in V) 400
phases (50/60 Hz) 3~
positive mains tolerance (in %) 15%
negative mains tolerance (in %) 15%
mains fuse (in Amps) 32
mains plug CEE 32


Dimensions and Weights
dimensions (LxWxH) (in mm) 1130x450x860
weight (in kg) 108,7/123,2
weight, water cooling (filled) (in kg) 14,7


Standards and Approvals
standard EN 60974-01
protection class (EN 60529) IP23S
insulation class F
designation CE, S



Lorch V50 Spec Sheet

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