LorchControl - SFI Orbimax
LorchControl - SFI Orbimax
LorchControl - SFI Orbimax
LorchControl - SFI Orbimax


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LorchControl. Head of the system and your cockpit for optimum welding results.


As it should be: one press of the Start button is sufficient and the welding process starts.

The torch moves into position via its pneumatic positioner, the gas lows, the power source increases the power up to the starting current, the arc is ignited and the welding current lows. The turntable and cold wire move immediately, just at the right moment.

The welding process has been put into operation and now runs for exactly as long as is necessary in order to complete the weld seam including the critical overlap area for circular seam welding.

Afterwards, the components retract from the product in exactly the correct order and at the right moment, in the denied presence of post shielding gas the welding process is ended – the result: a perfectly automated weld seam.

It sounds somewhat self-evident, however, it is not.

In order to ensure that the components work optimally together, a controlling head is needed which gives the commands. The Lorch-Control provides this. All processes up to diagnostics and error handling are coordinated here. The heart of the system is the automatic parameter handling, which regulates the process completely automatically.


The best thing about the LorchControl is that it is so simple to operate. Whether MIG-MAG or TIG. 

Three steps to achieve weld perfection:

1. Select workpiece diameter

2. Specify welding speed

3. Adjust welding power source

All other parameters are determined automatically. Using the Tiptronic job memory, even the fine tuning for 100 different workpieces, can be stored and called up at any time for a fast changeover.

Mains Voltage 230 V
Mains Frequency 50/60 Hz
Mains Connected Load Max. 2,3 kVA
Mains Fuse 16 A
Mains Plug Shockproof
Power Outputs 250/750 W
External Peripherals

Pneumatic feed apparatus / Welding current source actuation

Forming gas valve / monitoring contacts / blowout valve


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