LorchFeed - SFI Orbimax
LorchFeed - SFI Orbimax
LorchFeed - SFI Orbimax
LorchFeed - SFI Orbimax


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Precise and served ice cold. LorchFeed. The TIG cold-wire feeder automates the wire feeding operation.

Perfect cold-wire feeding is required when creating filling volume is the task in automated TIG welding in order to bridge gaps and compensate for material tolerances. The LorchFeed is used here and provides superior TIG quality with absolute precision.

  • Exact Wire Delivery - Completely digital controller, a tachometer-regulated feed motor and a 4-roll precision feeder for the exact wire delivery.
  • Many Possible Uses - because the Feed can, along with its role as a completely integrated part of the automation system, also be used as a “standalone” solution for manual welding.
  • Synergy Function - ensures automatic wire feed correction in the case of changes in the welding current.
  • Control - Operating command is completely taken over by the LorchControl for the use in automation 
  • SynchroPulse: where the wire feed is pulsed synchronously with the pulse of the welding current of the Lorch power source. This ensures ideal filler wire introduction and outstanding weld pool control. The “3 steps and weld” operating concept also provides easy handling for the Feed and the Tiptronic provides sufficient job memory

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