LorchFix - SFI Orbimax
LorchFix - SFI Orbimax
LorchFix - SFI Orbimax
LorchFix - SFI Orbimax


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Completely flexible. Firmly fixed. LorchFix. Can be moved like your wrist.

For 360° torch position freedom.

LorchFix takes over the fine adjustment of the torch using the supports. The adjustment spindles help for the exact adjustment of the torch position. Whether you work with 2 or 3 coordinates, a pneumatic slide axis or even if you would like to use a spring-loaded weld guide – everything interlocks perfectly.

See more LorchFix features in the features tab below.

  • Stable Universal Joint - provides maximum flexibility for adjustment of the torch and is firmly fixed in the correct position using the associated clamping lever.
  • Flexible Torch Position - the welder can find the ideal torch position in the shortest time – no other system is so flexible.
  • Large Fixing Range - The torch clamp with prism sleeve has an extraordinarily large fixing range.
  • Versatility for Maximum Production - Standard torches can be used temporarily as well as all common machine torches, in case your torch fails, thus resulting in maximum reliability for your production.
  • Simple Aids - ensure that the torch can be put back into exactly the same position after cleaning or replacement of wearing/consumable parts.
  • LorchFollow weld tracking system - Not every workpiece is perfect. Some could also not even be exactly round. The spring-loaded “LorchFollow” weld tracking system with its sophisticated mechanics for constant spacing between torch and workpiece ensures that a perfect weld is always achieved.

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