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LorchPower MIG

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With SpeedPulse XT: extra robust, extra variable, extra low-spatter.

  • Dynamic control
  • Variable arc length control
  • Ready for Speed XT
  • EN 1090-certified
  • Pulse welding machine
  • Powerful

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Download Spec Sheet:LorchPower MIG_Spec Sheet

  • Ready for Speed XT -You can now finish your welding jobs even faster by taking advantage of Lorch's optional speed upgrades SpeedUp and SpeedCold as well as of the standard options SpeedPulse, SpeedPulse XT, SpeedTwinPuls, TwinPuls XT, SpeedArc, SpeedArc XT, and SpeedRoot.

  • Dynamic control-Dynamic control allows the welder, for the first time, to variably adjust a pulse welding machine to a wide range of jobs and welding positions as well as to his personal preferences. The welder can use a controller to directly access the arc characteristic and change it from soft to hard.

  • Powerful -The 300 to 500 ampere models included in Lorch's S SpeedPulse XT-series are powerful enough to weld materials of all levels of thickness.

  • Ready for Pulse -Highly developed processor technology provides for the seamless interaction of all parameters and components involved in the welding process. The results of this smooth interaction are superior duty cycle levels and maximum productivity.

  • Versatility -Operating equally well with argon-CO‚Äö√á√á mixed gas and 100% CO‚Äö√á√á, Lorch's S5 SpeedPulse XT is perfectly equipped for international use.

  • EN 1090-certified -As synergetic control and automatic setting control are built in, Lorch's S5 SpeedPulse XT is guaranteed to produce welding results that are in conformity with the EN 1090. Combine your machine with Lorch's special offer EN 1090 package, and you are ready to handle any welding task they can throw at you.

  • Fully customisable -Every welding machine included in Lorch's S SpeedPulse series is fully customisable, allowing you to find the machine that matches your welding requirements perfectly.

Welding Range (in Amps) 25-400
Duty Cycle 100% 40°F (in Amps) 320
Duty Cycle 60% 40°F (in Amps) 350
Duty Cycle at max. current 40°F (in%) 50%

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