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LorchTurn 50

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For perfect lap times.

LorchTurn 50 and Turn 100. The endurance athletes for optimum circular welding. With absolutely constant rotation speed. Guarantees for outstanding seam quality.

The strength of our athletes for perfect circular welds consists of the constancy and precision of the lap times ‚the highest degree of difficulty for this discipline. They have the necessary power reserves, a long service life and are totally reliable ‚lap for lap.

A LorchTurn is built for the demanding rigorous use: universal, modular, well thought out and with excellent quality.

See LorchTurn features in the features tab below.

  • A specially developed vector-regulated frequency converter combined with the most modern three-phase technology provides the necessary physical aspects of the turn tables.
  • The ideal welding position is facilitated by the infinite swivel adjustment from 0 to 90 degrees.
  • A face-plate with a centring groove provides optimum positioning of the workpiece.
  • The variable workpiece holder supports the turn table for its task.
  • The tracker used is spring-loaded and compensates for workpiece tolerances or workpiece changes caused by heat.
  • Clamping levers facilitate easy fixing and provide the necessary holding.
  • The amply dimensioned welding current connection is well enclosed, protected against dust inside the turn.
  • And the maintenance-free, non-contact sensor guarantees the exact reproducibility of each start position.
  • Because each fluctuation would deteriorate the weld quality and the production would be unusable.
  • The three jaw chuck made of special cast iron means that weld spatter can‚Äö√Ñ√≤t stick.
  • A standard hollow shaft is required for the use of long workpieces.
  • The backing gas is also supplied through it.
Model LorchTurn 50 LorchTurn 100 LorchTurn 300 LorchTurn 500
Load Capacity N (Kg) 500 (50) 1000 (100) 3000 (300) 5000 (500)
Turntable mm 300 300 500 (opt. 800) 740 (opt. 1000)
Hollw Shaft free passage mm >30 30 150 295
Min/Max Speed U / min 0,8-10 0,4-5,0 0,08-1,0 0,08-1,0
Swivel Range 90 90 120 120
Swivel Adjustment Manual Swivel Gear Swivel Gear Swivel Gear
Max Welding Current A 400 400 400 (opt. 800) 400 (opt. 800)
Controller Control 1.2 Control 1.2 Control 1.2 Control 1.2

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