Multiflex Abrasive Sheet Rolls

Multiflex Abrasive Sheet Rolls

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  • Used to create uniform and attractive final finishes on ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
  • The load resistant open web construction of these wheels removes surface contamination and dirt without re-depositing contaminants on the work piece.
  • Silicone carbide mineral can create a unique bright surface that is often desired by stainless steel fabricators.
  • tough enough to finish edges and welds and soft enough to apply a final finish on large surfaces.
  • A102775 is a highly conformable abrasive with high cut for paint preparation and wood finishes without dumping edges
  • A102774 is a highly conformable abrasive with silicon carbide mineral for exceptional finishes on wood and metal
  • Can be used wet or dry, will not rust or clog
  • Highly conformable and load resistant
Type 100 x 200mm 60 sheets/roll Maroon - Very Fine

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