OrbiMax I-Purge 12, 14, 16, 20 & 24 Purge Bag Kit

OrbiMax I-Purge 12, 14, 16, 20 & 24 Purge Bag Kit

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Kit includes sizes:
  • OrbiMax I-Purge 12(305mm) Purge Bag System w/ 12" Harness
  • OrbiMax I-Purge 14(356mm) Purge Bag System w/ 16" Harness
  • OrbiMax I-Purge 16(356mm) Purge Bag System w/ 16" Harness
  • OrbiMax I-Purge 20(356mm) Purge Bag System w/ 18" Harness
  • OrbiMax I-Purge 24(356mm) Purge Bag System w/ 18" Harness

Watch video below of I-Purge Purge Bags


Inflatable Bladders Modules A & B

  • Manufactured in the USA from the highest quality materials
  • Inflated bladders create an impermeable, air tight seal on pipe wall
  • Spark resistant, durable exterior cover
  • Heavy-duty interior inflatable bag
  • Re-usable, long-lasting solution for purging multiple pipes of the same diameter

High Heat Extended Harnesses

  • Internal hose and protective external fiberglass sleeve capable of withstanding high temperatures
  • Flexible bridge harness easily navigates through pipes, including elbows and tees over 90¬¨‚àû
  • Kink resistant hose assures continuous gas supply
  • Complete with luminescent indicator for accurate alignment at root gap
  • Various lengths of harnesses are available to accommodate heat affected zone (HAZ) during pre-heating and high heat applications
  • I-Purge sizes 36"• and greater are equipped with a high flow harness to expedite inflation

Quick Connect Interchangeable Fittings

  • Push-button feature enables modules to snap-in-place in seconds
  • State-of-the-art technology allows for greater versatility and easy assembly ‚enabling the user to create multiple configurations
  • Easy change and replacement of components to avoid costly re-purchase of complete system, with spare parts available for purchase
  • Corrosion resistant proven lock mechanism for secure connection

Proprietary Relief Valve

  • Factory pre-set relief valves allow for precise flow rates while minimizing set-up time and reducing gas consumption
  • Aids in maintenance of optimum seal on pipe wall
  • Prevents risk of over inflation
  • Low profile relief valve available on 2"• and 3"• models

Inert Gas Diffuser

  • Patent-pending technology
  • Reduces turbulence by dispersing inert gas equally in all directions within the weld zone, improving weld quality and consistency

Tri-Flow Inner Tubing System (BLUE, BLACK & WHITE Hoses)

  • Multiple inlet/exhaust ports for faster, more efficient purging

Separate Connections:

  • BLUE:Inflation of Bladders - Initial function is to inflate bladders then flood weld zone with noble gas
  • BLAC:Increase Gas Distribution Within Weld Zone - Designed to expedite purging, the secondary (BLACK) purge hose is used to flood the weld zone with inert gas and evacuate oxygen at a faster rate
  • WHITE:Exhaust Connection - Connect this hose to an Oxygen Monitor, such as Aquasol's PRO OX®-100 that obtains readings down to 100 PPM (0.01%), for continuous or spot monitoring of oxygen in the weld zone

Pull Loops

  • Strong pull loops can be connected to a rope or chain to insert or remove the I-Purge
  • It is important that bladders be deflated before insertion or removal
  • Moderate tension (approx. 5 lbs.) should be applied on pull-wires to prevent sagging of the harness during installation and operation

Carrying Bag

  • When welding is complete, bladders can be deflated, extracted, cleaned and stored in the provided carrying bag
  • Carrying bag protects the bladder when not in use from dust and debris in most industrial work environments, prolonging life

I-Purge Reducer

  • Unlike other models with permanent fittings, a pipe reducer can be easily created by simply connecting two bladders of different, yet similar diameters
  • Combine different sizes to create unique pipe configurations

I-Purge Isolator Inflatable Pipe Stopper & Single Purge Bladder

  • The I-Purge Isolator is designed to function as a pipe plug for a wide range of applications, including purging of valves or tanks, as well as non-purging applications such as pipe system sealing for servicing, cleaning and inspection
  • Constructed of heavy-duty materials designed to withstand the extreme conditions of the petrochemical, utility and construction industries


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